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Satyananda Yoga Nidra

Transverse States of Consciousness with Satyananda based Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that relaxes, heals and transforms. It allows you to freely move between states of consciousness in a way not normally possible, and leaves you feeling calm and rejuvenated.  The practice brings your natural creative powers to the forefront. This makes it easier to both manage the challenges that arise in life, and to manifest what you desire for your life, resulting in greater confidence and joy.

Powerful as both a relaxation tool and a tool to bring about positive change in our habits, lifestyle and personality, there are 2 stages of the classical practice – The Relaxation Practice and the Transformation Practice. This allows practitioners to practice at the level they feel appropriate for their individual aims.

I Love Yoga Nidra™ offers the experience of yoga nidra in group classes, private sessions and recordings.  We also train and certify yoga instructors, counseling professionals, energy workers, massage therapists, teachers and anyone else who wants to guide clients in this very special and powerful practice. In our certification program you will learn to facilitate  classical yoga nidra so that it effectively delivers what it promises.


Here is what others have to say about their experience of our classical yoga nidra sessions.

“I love yoga nidra because it puts me into a comfort zone, a place where I am free of stress, worry and the chattering of my mind. I first started to practice classical yoga nidra about 4 years ago at a time when I was going thru a very difficult time in my life.  I suffered from insomnia. I would do yoga nidra every afternoon and somewhere during the practice fall asleep. At the time I thought it was only putting me to sleep – a very good thing, giving me desperately needed rest. But now 1 1/2 yrs later, I realize the yoga nidra – even the simple relaxation practice – was giving me the strength to get thru that difficult time. And I did.  I am a stronger person. My perspective on issues that arise in life or within myself is clearer.  I feel of sense of contentment and possibility that was absent before.  It is true – I do love yoga nidra!  And I continue to practice  yoga nidra. I now feel ready to move to the Transformation Practice.” Joan B., artist and business owner

“I look forward to classical yoga nidra because, as a busy mother of 2 small children with a demanding career, it is the perfect antidote for stress and fatigue.  I find regular practice not only helps me to relax physically, but also gives me a deeper sense of calm and well being, resulting in a potent, almost subconscious way of effectuating change in my approach towards everyday life. The change brought about by this form of relaxation is so palpable and so beneficial that it’s as though my body and mind subconsciously seek it over anything else I might otherwise do to relax. I highly recommend it to those seeking to rejuvenate, recuperate and to armor themselves against the pressures that have to be faced in everyday life.” Dr Reddy, physician

“After completing a yoga nidra session with Gyanpriya,  you are certain to feel whole – your body, mind and spirit aligned.  She offers her best self each time, thus earning the respect and regard of all her students.   Practice with Gyanpriya is a gift you give to yourself.  Yoga is not simply what she does to earn a living — it’s who she is.” Joan Sternberg, teacher

“Even while sleeping, thoughts and worries revolve in the mind, so that the tense person wakes up feeling exhausted. In order to relax completely, the inner tensions of the body, emotions and mind must be released. Then the actual state of relaxation dawns. The practice of yoga nidra is the scientific method of removing these tensions.”

Swami Satyananda, the originator of Yoga Nidra