I Love Yoga Nidra™ Courses are facilitated by Gyanpriya, E-RYT, Level II Satyananda Yoga® Instructor and Satyananda Yoga Nidra® facilitator. She learned yoga nidra from it’s original source, the renowned Bihar Yoga Bharati founded by Paramahamsa Satyananda, and furthered her studies while persuing her Diploma in Yoga Training with the government -accredited Satyananda Yoga Academy in Australia and her Level I teacher training at the North American academy. She was taught the art of facilitating the practice from long-term ashram residents steeped in the tradition, many having learned directly from  the originator of the practice, Paramahamsa Satyananda.

Gyanpriya has had a regular yoga nidra practice for nearly 10 years. She has used it to build upon her strengths, release negative patterns and begin to realize her highest ambitions for this life. Students appreciate her warmth and her understanding of the nuances of facilitating the practice, which lays the foundation for each student to have a uniquely effective yoga nidra experience.

In addition to yoga nidra, Gyanpriya offers private and group yoga, breath work and meditation classes, yoga-based personal training, and intuitive coaching for entrepreneurs, free spirits and wanderlusts – and anyone who wants to more fully explore life or more fully be themselves.  Stemming from her experience using natural healing to reverse a severely debilitating thyroid condition, she has a special interest in supporting others to manage auto-immune conditions through yoga lifestyle coaching.

Gyanpriya’s teaching style is heavily influenced by her own spiritual quest and journey to wellness. Experience taught her “striving”  is neither desirable nor necessary to reach any goal and, with consistent effort, an integral yoga practice will takes us where we need to be.  She is particularly  interested in yoga as a journey of the spirit, the effect of yoga on the nervous and endocrine systems, and yoga as a tool for managing stress and anxiety.  Gyanpriya encourages students to slow down and to balance strength with gentleness, effort with ease – for one is inherent in the other. This is a hallmark of her teaching style.