Yoga Nidra Certification

Fucia - Full Res Version by Carl Parow - Downloaded from 500pxYoga Nidra’s power to relax and heal make it an invaluable tool to manage the fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle most of us feel compelled to live either because we don’t know how to slow down or because we feel unable to slow down. The practice is akin to one’s personal off switch. As a trained yoga nidra facilitator you will be able to help others find their personal off switch so they can release all tensions from body, mind and emotions, which is a prerequisite for genuine relaxation.

Counselors, Therapists, Educators, Healers, Caretakers, Health Professionals If you work in a profession or vocation that calls you to be of service to those in situations where extreme stress is an inherent part of daily life, our certification course may be the most important step you can take to enhance your ability to help them find relief  and increased energy through relaxation.

Yoga, Meditation and Movement Instructors  If you teach yoga or meditation or practice massage or other therapies, you may have sensed the high levels of anxiety and stress present in students or clients and  felt a desire to bring them a sense of calm and peace. Our certification program will empower you to do so in a way that penetrates to the deepest strata of their being.

Lightworkers and Spiritual /Life Coaches If you have clients aiming to evolve spiritually and who wish to transcend the limits of their conscious mind and attune to a deeper, creative wisdom, yoga nidra is an indispensable tool. Until deep-rooted tensions are dislodged your clients growth may be stunted or at a minimum slowed.  Guiding them through an ongoing yoga nidra practice will help them to systematically release layers of tension from cellular memory.